Recent Events 2018 …

Sunday 1 July 2018 – General W. Sikorski Day

The Mass for the soul of General Władysław Sikorski was held at St Anthony’s Catholic Church. The celebrant was the Parish Dean Father Marian Brzozowski. Readings by Vlodek Bilski, psalms sung by Maria Stańczak.
Commemorative Lunch took place at the Function Room of the Sikorski Club. Short film about recent history of Poland was played. At the conclusion we had a dance presented by 8-10 years old dancers from the Polish Dance Group Kukułeczka.
The most important moment of the day was the announcement of the award of the Honorary Membership – the highest accolade awarded by the General Sikorski Polish Club. It is presented to the most deserving members of the Club.
This year (last award ceremony was 5 years ago), the Honorary Membership was awarded to:
– Mrs Maria Sobczyk
– Mr Piotr Sobczyk
Ms Maria Sobczyk was a Treasurer for 5 years and her husband Mr Piotr Sobczyk, is the current Vice President. They both were members of the Management Committee for over 6 years. They both supported the Club and the Polish cause and helped in the promotion of Poland and Polish culture in Western Australia. The support wasn’t just volunteer work; it was their hospitality, leadership, and also financial support of the Club.
Congratulations and thank you so much to both awards recipients!

Saturday 16 June 2018 – Quiz Night – Kukułeczka

This was a fundraiser for the Polish Folklore Dance Group Kukułeczka.
Very well attended and smoothly run by the girls from Kukułeczka.
Questions and tasks were interesting and sometimes funny. All enjoyed it very much. Competing were all friends of Kukułeczka: Keszkenő Hungarian Folk Dance Group and Roztiazhka Ukrainian Cossack Dancers.
It was excellent night with a lot of fun. Congratulations to organisers from Kukułeczka: Iza Wojtasik, Joasia Wojtasik, Kasia Wondolowska and Corolina Gontaszewska!

Quiz Night organising Committee: Iza Wojtasik (absent), Joasia Wojtasik, Kasia Wondolowska and Corolina Gontaszewska!

Saturday 2 June 2018 – Traktoriada

MC Beata Larcombe prepared the meeting with Marcin Obałek – a Traktoriada Principal.
Marcin Obałek, an entrepreneur of tourism and adventure. Perhaps that is one way of describing Marcin, some others would be: energetic, lively, fanny, insightful, talkative. His story of travelling across Andes on a Polish made Tractor Ursus 6014 was just great. Amazing narrative, fantastic photographs, great story telling.
We are hoping to see him again, perhaps rolling down our parking lot on his tractor!
Potential sponsors who would wish to help bring Marcin and his Tractor to Perth please contact the Club.  Wouldn’t you want to have your company Logo displayed on a tractor travelling across Australia?

Beata Larcombe and Marcin Obałek showing eggs

Saturday 19 May 2018 – Literary Salon

Our guest of honour was Roman Gabriel. A professional builder with hypnosis as a hobby and poetry as a secret lover. Married with two children, Roman showed us his love to his family in a touching, honest way and open heart. His poetry, very personal and full of emotions showed how vulnerable we all are. You could see how many of us were deeply touched by his words, his love to his wife, kids and his father.
We all liked his poetry very much.
We also had some poetry samples of Danuta Duszyńska “Australijka” and Mirek Szadkowski’s was read by very talented John Turel.
After the interval Roman showed us a path to hypnosis. His attempt was at least calming and soothing to some and led some others to deep relaxation.
Thank you Roman for this night where we could rediscover our inner self with the depth of your words and later with the imaginary world of the past, or was it a future?
The night of poetry was enriched by the music performed by Adam Sadkowski, guitar and Richard Bienkowski, violin. Big Thank you to our MC Mrs Beata Larcombe.

Roman Gabriel

Saturday 5 May 2018 – Family Feast by the Bonfire

The Feast is getting bigger and better. Many people said that it was the best Family Feast ever.
Our guests come in bigger numbers every year, and this time between 4PM and 11 PM we estimated that well over 700 passed through our gates. Some were here for an hour and some a bit longer.
But our volunteers were very well prepared and queues were not long at all.
We had the usual attractions:

  • Excellent food, traditional homemade Hunter’s Stew, Sausage Sizzle, Hot Dogs, Dumplings, Tripe soup, Vegetable Salad, Goulash.
  • Excellent European beer.
  • Homemade cakes, tea and coffee.
  • Bon Fire unfortunately lasted only 2 hours – it was called off by the authorities (city of Swan and the Fire Brigade called and withdrew the Fire Permit).
  • Bouncy castle.
  • Volleyball.
  • Games for kids outdoors and indoors.
  • Stars of the day: Polish Folklore Dance Group Kukułeczka.
  • Raffle with fantastic prizes.
  • Good music, prepared by our new DJ – Łukasz Rynkiewicz.

Our Food Court consisted of a food trailer and two food serving stands manned by FoodPol – our partner/sponsor company run by Anna and Radek Kotts, and a sausage sizzle stand expertly run by our volunteers. Food tickets were sold efficiently by the use of PozWorx system, supplied by another partner/sponsor company EziWorx.

There was a fantastic cultural happening: a performance of the Polish Dance Group Kukułeczka. It consisted of two parts, first were two songs sung by Magdalena Dudek and Donata Ostrowska. First song entitled “Hej Krywaniu, Krywaniu Wysoki” and the second “W Kadzidlańskim Boru”. Both sung with authentic inflection and accent so natural that perhaps one could say nostalgic.
Then on the stage (volleyball field) entered the most experienced group of dancers from Kukułeczka. They showed us a dance from the Żywiec Region. In Polish: “Taniec z Beskidu Żywieckiego”.  What a vigour, tempo, energy and skills!
Kukułeczka was dressed in the authentic costumes from highlander mountains near Żywiec, Poland.
Fantastic performance! Congratulations and a big Thank You!
Bit later was a draw of our Raffle. It is always exciting and a lot of fun particularly for those who won the prizes. As usual the Raffle was expertly run by Beata Larcombe and Anna Bienkowski.
There were many other things to do, apart from enjoying a show, a Polish meal, cakes or beer, you could meet old friends, you could dance, play volleyball or billiard, and kids could draw pictures, bounce in the castle, play field games. And all that in a friendly atmosphere surrounded by good music.

Thank you to the raffle sponsors: Adrian’s Continental Smallgoods, ECO Bread, Europarcel, Forrest Honey, Gallery Lumino, Go Print, Jaros Engineering, Ludwik & Son, NuGlass, P & H Imports, Bozena & Janusz Dzidek, Eva & Andrew Polanski, Ray White Bursmac Real Estate Agency, Rossmoyne Family Meats, Sew it Seams, Sikorski Restaurant, The Batter Fish & Chips Shop.
Big thank you to our volunteers, 32 of us worked tirelessly to make sure the event was a success: Adam Sadkowski, Ala Bruszewska, Andrew Polanski, Anna Bienkowski, Barbara Bilski, Beata Larcombe, Bożena Dzidek, Celina Soszka, Darek Kalinowski, Edyta Grzelak, Eva Polanski, Halina Węglewski, Joanna Rocławska, Joanna Weryk, John Sadko, Jurek Rudnicki, Kazik Jackiewicz, Lech Węglewski, Lindsay Weryk, Małgosia Gutowska, Mariola Sobczyk, Michał Weryk, Mirek Orkiszewski, Natalia Płucienniczak, Piotr Sobczyk, Robert Popiel, Robert Robinson, Sylwia Jakubiak, Tim Larcombe, Tosiek Weryk, Włodek Bilski, Zbyszek Soszka.
Also, we had to have services of 4 students to help us. Altogether, including volunteers, kitchen staff and students – 40 people worked to make this event a magnificent one – Thank You All!

Kukułeczka at Family Feast 2018

Wednesday 25 April 2018 – ANZAC Day

As every year Club members attend ANZAC Day Commemorative Service. The President of the General Sikorski Polish Club on behalf of Club laid a wreath at the War Memorial at RSL Bellevue.

ANZAC Day 2018

Sunday 8 April 2018 – Easter Egg – Święcone

This is a traditional Polish Easter lunch. It is a beautiful celebration of Christ Resurrection. Firstly the Mass was celebrated at St Anthony’s Catholic Church. Afterwards we met for the Easter meal at the Club. This time our Easter meal was blessed by Fr Stanisław Tomasiak from the Maylands Church – thank you.

Also we have had a live music during the lunch, as Kalamunda Live Open Mic happened on that day. Will Hepburn and Richard Bienkowski and their friends – well done, thank you.

Easter 2018

Saturday 24 March 2018 – Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day

Friendship between two countries Poland and Hungary survived for a Millennium!

Our friendship was so ingrained in our history and imbedded in our hearts, memory and culture that our parliaments in Budapest and Warsaw sanctioned in 2007 the 23rd of March as an official Polish – Hungarian Friendship Day.

Polish Club General W. Sikorski WA and Hungarian Association of Western Australia invited everyone for the celebrations of Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day. This invitation was particularly directed to the Hungarian and Polish communities, however all were welcomed.

And we had a full house, 270 people attended!

Among our special guests we had Mr Georg Molnar the Honorary Consul of Hungary to Western Australia, Mr Paul Bitdorf the Honorary Consul of the Republic of Poland in Western Australia and his wife Halina, Mr Tamas Deutsch, Trade Commissioner for V4 Countries, Mrs Anna Niedźwiadek President of Polonia WA and her husband Grzegorz.

The event started with MC Mrs Beata Larcombe opening the proceedings. Then were formal speeches by Mr Vlodek Bilski, President of the Polish Club General W. Sikorski Western Australia and Mrs Henrietta Podgorska, President of the Hungarian Association of Western Australia, where they provided historical and factual background for the celebrations.

Then Beata and Henrietta gave us few interesting facts about Poland and Hungary, our so different languages, also some fun facts.

After that there were the most awaited performances by the Polish Dance Group Kukułeczka and Keszkenő Hungarian Folk Dance Group. That was just splendid.

Next we had some entertainment provided by Steve Keene with the band The New Reflections.

Then there were some competitions, where you could win a bottle of Hungarian Liquor or a bottle of Polish Vodka.

There was also highly anticipated raffle that the girls and boys from our dance groups run very efficiently. All proceeds from competitions and the raffle went to support both dance groups Kukułeczka and Keszkenő.

Then we all could enjoy some dance to wonderful music, as promised by Steve: the best international hits mixed with music from Poland and Hungary.

1000 years of friendship is something to celebrate and our both communities decided to make it an annual event! From now on we will do it every year, not only because it was a fantastic happening full of fun, but also to propagate friendship, mutual understanding, tolerance and support between nations. If we can do it why not everybody?

This event was excellent not only for Poles and Hungarians but was also affirmative to harmony and multiculturalism in Australia.

To top it off we had a crew from SBS TV, reporter Kyle Brown did a superb overview of this event that was aired on the International News, Australia wide at 6:30 PM on the 25 March 2018.

It also needs to be mentioned that prior the event Radio SBS Australia ran an interview with the Polish Club Sikorski Vice President Beata Larcombe. SBS’ Dariusz Buchowiecki talked with Beata about the Club and in particular Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day. The interview took 10 minutes and was on the air also Australia wide on Monday 12 March 2018.

Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day

Sunday 18 March 2018 – Theatre, play “Pomoc Sąsiedzka” – Neighbourly Help.

Two famous Polish actors Marzanna Graff and Aleksander Mikołajczak from Warsaw’s theatre “Mam Teatr” on their Australia wide artistic tour visited our Club with two plays.

Play “Pomoc Sąsiedzka” is acontemporary comedy about two single people, neighbours who cross their path because of her faulty computer. She needed a quick fix, he was nearby and immediately available… and he was trying to fix more than the computer, she didn’t need that, or did she?

Lovely comedy, with sensible humour, touching and positive.

Screenplay by Marzanna Graff, Director Karol Stępkowski, Music Danuta Błażejczak, Mieczysław Jurecki.

Sound operator Michał Weryk.

This play was brought by the Sikorski Club in association with Fr Tomasz Bujakowski and Scena 98.

Two Great Plays, fantastic actors, two unforgettable nights. What a performance!

Thank you Marzanna and Aleksander. You brought from Poland the best there is, we were mesmerised and are still under the spell of two fascinating personalities. This was very unique experience worth the best theatres of the world.

Marzanna Graff and Aleksander Mikołajczak in “Neighbourly Help”

Saturday 17 March 2018 – Theatre, play “Czas na Miłość” – Time for Love.

Two famous Polish actors Marzanna Graff and Aleksander Mikołajczak from Warsaw’s theatre “Mam Teatr” on their Australia wide artistic tour visited our Club with two plays.

Play “Czas na Miłość” is a contemporary comedy about a married couple immersed in a boring and predictable routine who suddenly rediscover themselves in a series of spontaneous events making all spectators giggle and at times roll in aisles from laughter but sometimes smile with reflection.

Screenplay by Marzanna Graff, Director Karol Stępkowski, Music Danuta Błażejczak.

Sound operator Michał Weryk.

This play was brought by the Sikorski Club in association with Fr Tomasz Bujakowski and Scena 98.

Marzanna Graff and Aleksander Mikołajczak in “Time for Love”

Sunday 7 January 2018 – Christmas Wafer & Lunch with live music

The Polish Mass at the St Anthony’s Church was conducted by Fr Marian Brzozowski .

At the Sikorski Club we welcomed Fr Richard Sadowski from the St Anthony Parish who came to celebrate The Christmas Wafer with all of us. The prayer by Fr Richard was followed by sharing the wafer, singing carols to the music by Maciek Warzycki (guitar) and Ryszard Bienkowski (violin). Then everybody enjoyed a traditional Polish Christmas lunch.

At that point on stage we welcomed Will Hepburn who with his musicians from Kalamunda Live gave us a great performance.