Events of 2017

Sunday 31 December 2017 – New Year’s Eve Ball

The club’s beautifully decorated ballroom made the New Year’s Eve Ball a night to remember, entertainment was great, good food and dancing. There was a three-course dinner served by our waiting staff. Moonlighters Band performed very well and fantastic singers Marge and Simon transformed this into a concert. It was indeed fantastic.

125 guests welcomed the new 2018 with a complimentary glass of sparkling wine. Count down on a big screen next to the stage showed accurately passing seconds synchronised with the World Clock.

This was a great New Year’s Eve Balls, thank you to everyone who helped and thank you to all participants. And of course big Cheers for the Moonlighters!

Saturday 25 November 2017 – St Andrew Rocks Through the Ages

The Moonlighters gave us a fantastic concert for St Andrew’s Night. The best hits from the 60s to the 90s, everyone enjoyed it. Quite a big number of guests dressed up for the occasion and that doubled the fun.

The crowd wasn’t big; slightly over a hundred but entertainment was humongous. Thank you Moonlighters for the splendid concert. We had also a pleasure of taking part in a short concert of guest band Brothers In Arms. All in all it was a great night particularly for Rock lovers.

Saturday 11 November 2017 – Celebrating Poland’s Independence.

On the 99th Anniversary of regaining independence by Poland after 123 years of partitions we at the Polish Club Sikorski were celebrating the freedom and independence which are the corner stones of any democracy and are the basics of self-reliance and prosperity of any nation. Independence carries a promise if not assurance of basic human rights.

We chose to run the Festivities at the Polish Club Sikorski under the banner:

Happy Independence Day Poland!

And we celebrated it with Polish food, dance and music.

Over 600 people attended; Poles and Australians. Food was great: hunter’s stew, split pea and ham soup, sausage sizzle, hot dogs, dumplings, red borscht with croquet, Polish vegetable salad. We had bouncy castle for kids, face painting, fairy floss, volleyball, bonfire, and fantastic Raffle.

There was also an artistic program where Mezzo-soprano Daniela Birch sang few beautiful Polish and Italian songs. This was a short program prepared by Daniela almost ad hoc. We hope that Daniela will take part in the future events at the Polish Club.

The hearts of all guests were taken by young and very young dancers from the Polish Dance Group Kukułeczka. The young performers presented two fantastic folklore dances. They gave us youthful energy, rhythm, and a lot of smiles. We all loved the dance, the colours the music.

Well done Kukułeczka!

The music was provided by Polish duo Polperth, Ula Sikorska and Ed Maryjewski.

The Raffle was huge, we had 37 sponsors (businesses and private persons alike) who provided a variety of presents. Big thank You to:

Adrian’s Continental Smallgoods, Adriatyk Butchers, Bozena & Janusz Dzidek, Chopin, Colway International, ECO Bread, Europarcel, Eva’s Tasty Dumplings, Eva & Andrew Polanski, Forrest Honey, Gallery Lumino, Grace Beauty, Hairdressing & Thermomix, Jaros Engineering, Joanna & Marcin Photography, Key Residential Real Estate Agency, Landmark Residential, Ludwik & Son, Maria’s Dental Laboratory, Natural Beauty System, Niche Living, NuGlass, Olla’s Candles, P & H Imports, Party Day, Photos by Kasia, Pixtory Studio, Ray White Bursmac Real Estate Agency, Roman Gabriel Therapy, Rossmoyne Family Meats, Sew it Seams, Sikorski Bistro, Sondergaard Chartered Accountants &Business Advisors, Study in Perth, The Hire Guys, The Salt Room, West Cost Marble & Granite.

We would like to thank all the volunteers who made this outstanding event become a great success. Over 30 people worked tirelessly to make sure that the Independence Day of Poland was full of joy, fan, and smiles.

Sunday 22 and 29 October – Live music

Richard on behalf of the Club invited Kalamunda Live and Irish band Iron Bark.

Music was great, you won’t hear this class of performance in any pub around.

Real enjoyment! Fantastic! What a standard of play!

It was a pity there very few spectators. We encourage everyone to come to the Sikorski Club on Sunday afternoon to have lunch and listen to great live music, and have a dance.

Saturday 21 October 2017 – Literary Salon

We invited lovers of poetry and prose for the second meeting of the series: Adventure with Poetry and Art. This time we called it informally “Kawiarenka Poetycko-Artystyczna” or formally “Literary Salon at Sikorski”. The host was Beata Larcombe who skilfully engaged the authors and the public to actively participate in the evening proceedings.

There were around 30 participants and among them a number of poets who shared their creations. Thank you to Romek, Mirek, Barbara, Maja and Beata for their writings and Janusz for his incredible interpretation of Mirek’s poetry. Also the bravery award went to Dave for his reciting a poem about cats in Chinese.

Format of the meeting was an open microphone for all, a forum, where everybody could participate, regardless of their artistic preferences. Because of that we found amid our ranks an opera singer Daniela. Daniela sang a few songs and at the conclusion of the evening we all followed her singing a song “Szła Dzieweczka do Laseczka”.

We also invited Richard Bienkowski to fill in the intervals and whose violin improvisations made the night complete.

Thank you all for participation and Beata for putting it all together. This was a great success and now we believe that Literary Salon will take permanent place in the Sikorski Club Event Calendar. We are already looking forward to the next edition.

Friday 20 October 2017 – 3rd Friday of the Month Live Music

This time we had a Polish band “Pro Musica”.

The band is at the development stage but still played fantastic music including all-time Polish favourites. Well done Richard and Maciek.

Sunday 8 October 2017 – Meeting with 1944 Warsaw Uprising Soldiers

The meeting began with Darek Kalinowski presenting the history of Poland in a brief but fascinating show with lively narrative to lay the background for the Warsaw Uprising chronicle. He managed to present 1050 years in 45 minutes!

Then the hostesses Hania Lilpop Michańków and Beata Larcombe interviewed two Warsaw Uprising soldiers who live in Western Australia; Stanislaw Mackiewicz (93) and Zbigniew Muszynski (91).

Now in their 90’s the heroic fighters shared their stories re-lived their agonies, anguishes, hopes and sorrows. They talked about political and social background of the events surrounding the Uprising, but the most fascinating part was when they shared their personal stories during and after the Uprising. With Stanislaw ending up as POW and Zbigniew’s horrors of getting through three concentration camps where he almost perished in a hip of dead bodies.

It was fascinating afternoon when we all were taught a history lesson about these incredible events of hope, freedom fighting, sacrifice, heroism and tragedy.

Thank you Stanislaw and Zbigniew for being with us and sharing your life with us.

Big thank you also for the team behind the scenes, who helped this meeting to be such a great history classroom: Anna Bienkowski – coordinator, Artur Bienkowski – video recording, Richard Bienkowski – photography.

Sunday 24 September 2017 – Jamming by Richard and his Friends

Richard Bienkowski accompanied by Maciek Warzycki and their friends had a good time playing and singing. What a good idea having lunch and have a nice live music. Thank you Richard and Maciek.

Saturday 23 September 2017 – Andrzej Kołakowski Concert

The title of this concert was “The Testament of Steadfast Soldiers”; it was dedicated to soldiers fighting the spread of soviet forced communism in post WWII Poland.

First Anna Kołakowska, historian and teacher, provided the historical and factual background to set the stage for Andrew’s songs. Then Andrew “The Bard of the Oppressed” sang about men and women, boys and girls, about their love to Poland, about heroism and their sacrifices.

The Concert was a lesson of history so beautifully presented, so sad and tragic at times, but full of hope, with final realization that the good will always prevail.

The sacrifices of the Steadfast Soldiers will never be forgotten!

Big Thank You to the Association “Nasza Polonia” and Henryk Sawicki in particular, who invited Andrzej Kołakowski and made this informative, moving and emotional evening possible.

Sunday 17 September 2017 – “Colourful markets“

It was a Fundraiser for Polish Copernicus Association Perth Inc.

Copernicus Association is a newly established group whose primary objective is to promote and encourage recreational and cultural activities. This fundraiser was multifaceted consisting of a swap meet with mostly Polish suppliers of variety of products from bread and cakes to cosmetics and pyjamas, and then there was bouncing castle for kids, live music, good Polish food, bonfire and other attractions.

Well done Copernicus and team Sikorski.

Friday 15 September 2017 – Urban Jam, Rock Concert

Live Music comes back to the Sikorski Club on Friday nights. Bands will perform on the third Friday of each month. It is nice to have dinner, enjoy great live music, and have a dance. Opening Concert by Urban Jam was a great success, 6 person band had a good Jam session.

Saturday 22 July 2017 – Adventure with Poetry and Art

This is the first instalment of the special meetings devoted to arts in its many forms and shapes.
Inspiration for the evening was Anna Winczura Modzelewski, very talented writer and poet. Anna lives in Melbourne but occasionally visits Perth to be with her daughter Amelia who studies Medicine at UWA. And on her last visit we gently persuaded her to meet with the lovers of arts and poetry in particular. Thus started “Poezja przy świecach i kawie”.
Anna happily agreed and the evening became a real poetry happening with reciting, discussions and other participants sharing their poems with fully packed Function Room.

While we enjoyed the poetry, Halina Rosa had on display some samples of her art collection. She is painting and designing textiles. Painting is her great passion, joy of life, the voice of her soul and the realization of the divine plans. Her favourite topics are roses, landscapes of Tatry Mountains and crocus flowers.

To top it off we managed to bring a special guest, one of the most talented Polish Australian opera singers Magda Lisek who highlighted the evening with some beautiful pieces of her choice.
Her voice filled in the room and made it so small for Magda’s huge talent. We were overwhelmed.

The producer and the Master of Ceremony was our Beata Larcombe. Fantastic job Beata!

Remember the names: Anna Winczura Modzelewski, Halina Rosa, Magda Lisek!

Full Gallery go to THIS LINK

Short Performance by Magda Lisek

Sunday 2 July 2017 – General Sikorski Day

Mass for General Wladyslaw Sikorski was held at the St. Anthony Church in Greenmount. Afterwards was an official Lunch at the Sikorski Club. Club’s President showed short film about the burial of General in the crypt at the Wawel Castle in Cracow 50 years after his death in Gibraltar. Finally he was brought to rest at the Polish soil, among Polish Kings.

Sunday 21 May 2017 – Meetings with Interesting People Part 1

‘Club of a Positive Woman’ in association with Sikorski Club invited to the first event of the series of the “Meetings with Interesting People”. And our guest was Antonina McNamara.

Saturday 13 May 2017 – Family Feast By the Bonfire

There was a traditional Polish food: our famous hunter’s stew, split pea and ham soup, sausage sizzle, hot dogs, and something rare: bread with homemade drippings and dill cucumber!

To top it off there were cakes, coffee and tea

There was more…Dancing to good music just to burn some calories, and for some excitement a Raffle with nice prizes.

There was a jumping castle for kids, volleyball for youngsters and for all a big BONFIRE.

Our MC and DJ for the day was Kat Kupsch, Radio Announcer from 102.5 FM

Special entertainment presentation by: Prestige Dance & Performance Company.

And Entry was FREE.

Attendance was very good, over 300 people and what now becomes a norm, it is a growing number of Australians taking part in celebrations alongside the Poles.

Special guest at the Family Feast by the Bonfire was Councillor Mr Ian Johnson representing City of Swan Mayor Mr Mick Wainwright. Ian was accompanied by his daughter and her friend.

Tuesday 25 April 2017 – ANZAC Day

President of the Club and Secretary on behalf of Club laid a wreath at the War Memorial.

Sunday 23 April 2017 – Easter Egg

Club members celebrated a traditional Polish Easter lunch. Firstly there was a Mass at St Anthony’s Catholic Church. Afterwards we met for the Easter meal at the Club. Our Easter meal was blessed by Fr Richard Sadowski.

Friday 17 March – 2017 Saint Patrick Day

Why not celebrate with Irish – let’s go green. Some thirty people showed up with something green. And Guinness was aplenty. We all had good fun and music was good too.

Sunday 12 March 2017 – Woman’s Day

Special day for women was celebrated with the meeting of the special guests; Yoga teacher Ritu, cosmetics specialist Marta Wawrzyniak and psychologist and philosopher Mira Danielewska. It was very interesting and informative meeting not only for the ladies but to all men present as well.

Also all the ladies when they entered the Club were greeted with a glass of good champagne.

Saturday 28 January 2017 – AGM

New Management Committee was unanimously elected with Vlodek Bilski as President and Beata Bednarczyk and Peter Sobczyk as Vice Presidents.

Sunday 22 January 2017 – “Pastorałka” – eng. Pastorale.

A show prepared and produced by Scena 98 – Polish Youth Theatre Group in association with Polish Dance Group Kukułeczka and Pospolite Ruszenie – Polish Band. It was a fantastic show full of young and very young performers. Congratulations to all and in particular to the show’s director Fr Tomasz Bujakowski.