Restaurant at Polish Club Sikorski
Provides great culinary experience!

Booking is essential

For bookings call: Anna 0402 169 370

Dla rezerwacji i zamówień prosimy dzwonić: Ania 0402 169 370


  1. Herrings in oil and onion or sour cream served with bread and salad $12.00
  2. Prawn cocktail: Shrimps served on salad with fresh cucumber and onion topped with thousand island sauce $14.00
  3. Steak tartare served with chopped pickled cucumber, fresh onion and topped with garlic sauce (Served cold) $16.00
  4. Deep fried Mozzarella balls with dips $9.00
  5. Hunter’s smoked meat and sausage patter served with olives, cheese and bread (homemade products, served for two) $24.00
  6. Garlic bread with cheese (4 pieces) (gluten free) $8.00
  7. Two poached eggs served Vienna style (on toast) $9.00
  8. Pancakes (3) served with sour cream and sugar $9.00


  1. Chicken soup served with tender pieces of chicken & vegetables $7.00
  2. Pork tripe soup (350g) served with roll and butter $14.00
  3. Beetroot soup with:
    1. Polish ravioli (meat or sauerkraut) $9.00
    2. or with croquette $15.00
  4. Tom Yum Soup: Traditional Thai Soup with tiger prawn, chicken, mushroom, coconut milk, fresh ginger, lemongrass, bamboo shoots and & spices (Hot, Medium, Mild) $10.00


  1. Pork Lion/ Chicken schnitzel served with potatoes and fresh salads $23.00
  2. Homemade smoked Salmon served with fries or mash potatoes and salads $30.00
  3. Polish dumplings, serving of 8 with choice of fillings; $17.00
    1. Meat
    2. Mushroom and sauerkraut
    3. Cheese and potatoes
    4. Spinach, feta cheese and chopped chicken
    5. Strawberry
  4. Pork Hock, served with potatoes, fried sauerkraut and horse radish cream/ mustard $35.00
  5. Hungarian spicy beef goulash with vegetables served on potato pancakes and salad $25.00
  6. Spaghetti Bolognese (Beef); thin macaroni topped with fresh parmesan $19.00
  7. Pan fried fish served with chips, fresh salads and lemon $17.00
  8. Cabbage rolls; stuffed cabbage leaves served with potatoes and mushrooms $18.00
  9. French Pancake with ham, mushroom, onion, egg, oregano and mozzarella cheese $16.00
  10. Homemade Smoked & Grilled Polish sausage served with chips, salad and dips (ketchup & mustard) $18.00
  11. Hunter Stew with smoked sausage, meat & bacon served with rye bread/roll (350g)    $17.00
  12. Marinated Roasted Duck; portion of two duck legs surrounded by peach served with Silesian dumplings and salads $35.00
  13. Fried Chicken liver with onion on the pan served with bread and sauerkraut $18.00


  • Set of salads $6.00
  • Chips $4.00


  1. Cake of the day $8.00
  2. Ice cream with fruits and topped with Chocolate or Strawberry sauce $11.00
  3. Pancakes with sweet cheese and raisins topped with fresh mixed strawberry sauce $14.00
  4. Fresh fruits with freshly whipped cream $12.00
  5. Fresh Fruit Salad drizzled with fresh juice $10.00


Freshly grounded Coffee $4.50

Italian (LaVazza) Black- Cappuccino-Espresso-Long white

  • Iced coffee $6.00
  • Cup of Tea $3.50
  • Iced Tea $4.50
  • Fresh carrot juice (300ml) $6.00
  • Fresh apple juice (300ml) $6.50
  • Vegetable juice (300ml) $7.00

Mr. Universe; Cucumber, carrot, apple, seller, beetroots and mint

Sunrise; mango, seller, kiwi, cucumber, banana, ginger.

Red Alert; lemon, tomato, red cabbage, capsicum, coco water.

Restaurant at Polish Club Sikorski,
7 Bellevue Rd, Bellevue WA 6056
New Manager: Food-Pol, Anna & Radek

ABN 593 6968 2643, Food Business Registration FP-3152/2017


Tuesday – Thursday 12:00 – 17:00

Friday – 12:00 – 22:00

Saturday – Private Functions Only

Sunday – 12:30 – 18:00

Important! Last booking 30 minutes before closing time.

Monday – closed

Ph. Ania on 0402 169 370


About Food-Pol

Two talented and passionate, professional Polish Chefs, lovers of rich international cuisine, have established in Perth, Australia “Food-Pol”, a company aiming to deliver the best of Polish and international foods.

Anna and Radek have combined over 30 years’ experience in catering and also in running restaurants in Poland, Germany, England and Australia.

Radek who holds the title of Certified Master Chef (CMC), presented by the culinary school in Opole, Poland and Anna his once apprentice and now wife and equal partner in the art of cooking, opened a Restaurant at the Polish Club Sikorski in Bellevue.

Their cooking abilities are just amazing! From sea food to Chinese, then Italian and German and Polish and Indian, and many more, and then the blend of it all, that we call the international cuisine, we Australians are so proud of, because it is our invention.

Their passion is a healthy food, always fresh, full of fruits and veggies, low in calories, rich in vitamins and nutrients. Anna’s hobby is nutrition and she makes sure all meals are full of goodies for all ages.

For food connoisseurs they deliberately added to their repertoire smoked meat, sausages and other wide assortment of food, which is being smoked hot or cold to achieve an amazing taste, texture and aroma you won’t find anywhere else. And they smoke it themselves making sure it is just right!

So to experience the best of international cuisine you must come here to Anna’s and Radek’s Restaurant at the Polish Club Sikorski, 7 Bellevue Road, Bellevue.

Anna and Radek provide also catering for small parties, small and medium size seminars, to big corporate events and exhibitions. They are just fantastic for wedding receptions and any other public or family events.

They also provide external private catering service either in your house/garden or your workplace using specialised licenced Food-Trailer.

Polish Club Sikorski is proud to have such an excellent partner running the Restaurant.

With confidence we invite you to our Club and Restaurant to have a good time, excellent meal, good music, nice wine, good beer, game of pool in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.